Videos of people waking up from anaesthetic are a guilty pleasure for most people.

But this poor teenage girl has one of the funniest reactions when she wakes up after a wisdom tooth removal.

Emma Zamora, 13, is getting a bit angry at her mum from keeping a secret from her – she’s actually Kylie Jenner!

She’s mostly mad because no one ever told her, but when she’s asked if she’s happy she replies: “Well, kind of! But I don’t understand why you had to keep it a secret from me!”

Emma’s mum Alisha told Self her daughter doesn’t watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

“First when I walked in she was crying because she thought they cut her tongue out,” Zamora said. “I had to show her a mirror and she said, ‘Oh my lips are so big, mom, oh my gosh I’m Kylie Jenner.’”

She accuses her mother of being Kris Jenner:  “Are you Kris Jenner? Are you Kris Jenner, Mom?”


And then demands to go home, in true Kylie fashion… “I’m Kylie. I’m a model. I’d like to go home … To my mansion.”

But when she finds out Caitlyn Jenner is her dad, she is hilariously emotional.

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Photos: YouTube/Instagram