If anyone knows how to do a love song, it’s Taylor Swift! And she’s just proved it once again by releasing the perfect track for your wedding day.

Now we don’t mean that Taylor has gone and dropped new music exactly, although that wouldn’t really be all too surprising. No, she’s actually released another remix of her hit track ‘Lover’.

Following on from Shawn Mendes joining on with the song from her latest album of the same name, Taylor announced that another version was now available to stream.

“So excited to release the new version of Lover, the First Dance Remix,” wrote Taylor on Twitter alongside a gorgeous selfie from her look at the American Music Awards, where Taylor was named Artists of the Decade.

Now before you go off thinking that Tay Tay has released a boppy, dance version of the soulful song (which we’re not going to lie, is what we thought of when we first read the tweet) this version is actually designed to be used for your first dance at a wedding!


Taylor added that the new remix was “based on the arrangement of the AMAs performance!”

While the original version features a retro guitar-centric tempo, the new version includes the romantic sounds of an entire orchestra. You can practically feel your feet moving along in a wedding dance waltz as you listen to it!

You can listen to the Lover First Dance Remix below!

Looks like this could be the new Ed Sheeran ‘Perfect’ at weddings for the next little while, if you know what we mean.

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