Let’s face it – Twitter’s never been the nicest of places and unfortunately for Taylor Swift, she’s found herself the target of it’s scorn.

After Calvin Harris ripped into the singer in a series of Tweets overnight, a new hashtag has started trending…


Let’s just say it ain’t pretty.

So why all the bad blood? Well it’s been simmering away for some time.

There’s the feud with Katy Perry which started after the singer reportedly ‘stole’ Tay Tay’s backup dancers.


It was followed by the song Bad Blood, which most people believe Taylor wrote about Katy.

Then there’s Taylor’s “squad” which have people divided and some going so far as to claim the cliché is the equivalent of bullying.


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And of course there’s the men.

Most recently of course is the king of the scorned – Calvin Harris.


Following a rep for Taylor revealing she wrote Calvin’s hit This Is What You Came For under a pseudonym, old Calvin went a little wild.

Taking to Twitter things started off friendly enough.

Writing that Taylor is not only an “amazing lyric writer” but that she “smashed it as usual” it all seemed okay.

Then he brought not only her new relationship with Tom Hiddleston into it, but her feud with Katy Perry.


Well that was enough for Twitter, with people taking the sentiment and running with it.


Let’s hope Taylor’s staying off Twitter for this one.

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