Welcome back, Tay. We missed you.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock on a deserted island with little-to-no internet access – and if so, why? – you probably heard about the absolute drama-packed fall-out from Kim Kardashian’s leaked Taylor Swift-related Snapchat video.

And apart from one seriously sassy (and pretty dignified) response posted to Swifty’s social media accounts, the Shake It Off singer has been unusually absent from our feeds.

But now look! She’s back! The undisputed Queen of cute-as-a-button Instagram posts has returned – and she brought Olivia Benson with her.

Just like the rest of us, Tay couldn’t resist giving Insta’s new stories feature – which totally rips off Snapchat, no? – a go, using one of her spotlight-stealing cats as the subject.

In the vid Olivia’s standing on her hind legs and giving us her best squirrel impersonation before slinking off to, presumably, practice her next animal impression.


Don’t ever change, Liv.

T Swizzle also wished bestie Karlie Kloss happy birthday, because she’s good like that.

Thanks for making our dreary Thursday morning just that little bit brighter, Taylor.

Images via Instagram

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