Kim Kardashian has said all along that she had a video showing Kanye speaking with Taylor Swift, granting the rapper permission to use her name in his song Famous.

Kanye ended up rapping a few lines about Taylor controversially saying, “I made that bitch famous.”

Taylor has always maintained that she was never informed of this particular line, which she labelled insulting and derogatory.

However Kim and Kanye were adamant that Taylor had given Kanye her blessing.

Then in classic dramatic fashion, Kim K Snapchatted the video footage of Kanye consulting with Taylor about the song this morning.


And while it does reveal Taylor agreeing to Kanye using her name, at no point is it clear that he informed her he would be calling her a bitch.

Taylor quickly took to Twitter and Instagram to fight her corner, and in fairness, Swifty kind of has a point…

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