Taylor Swift – is there anything she can’t do?

The pop star can now add “help fan lose almost 200kg” to her massive list of accomplishments.

Ronnie Brower, 30, considers himself a massive fan of the singer, and credited her music with helping him shed a huge 193kg over the last years.

At his heaviest, Ronnie weighed over 300kg, and is now 113kg.

He’s headed to see Taylor perform in Cleveland next month to celebrate.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Ronnie said, “It’s pretty surreal… Even if I don’t get the chance to meet Taylor Swift, I feel like I can really inspire people who are in the same boat that I was in with my story. It feels incredible.”


He described his former and current self as “night and day” and said he couldn’t believe the changes.

So there you have it, folks – pump up the T-Swizzle jams if you want to get inspired to shed the pounds.

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