Swifties are – literally – in a Scrabble after Taylor Swift uploaded a particularly cryptic image of herself in her Melbourne pad.

The 28-year-old shared an image of herself playing scrabble with her mum, cryptically displaying five of her seven letters. The score? Seven, of course. The letters? B, I, O, I, E.

Taylor Swift never just posts an innocent image, right? There’s got to be something behind it. Well, it seems like her fans got it straight away, spotting a very sneaky clue. 

“So there’s 5 scrabble letters showing and they’re worth this number of points: B – 3 I – 1 O – 1 I – 1 E – 1 Which= 7 points,” a fan pointed out. “As in TS7. And the multiple 1’s tell us that it’ll be released on New Years Day. 1/1.”


Oh my lord! It all makes sense.

With her Reputation tour coming to an end in November, Taylor Swift would have ample time to finalise her new music.

She also has a gap between her final shows up until the 6th November, which would allow her to put the finishing touches to the album.

We’re ready when you’re ready, Taylor!