Mmmm… Bop.

Not as much a good song as it was a good opportunity to perve on your favourite Hanson brother – Taylor.

Oh come on, Isaac was way too old, Zac was too young and a little girl-like.

Taylor was the perfect blend of ‘long hair, don’t care’ and chiseled – just perfection.

Well, we’ve been doing a little Instagram stalking and you’ll be pleased to know we found out that yes, like a fine wine – he does indeed get better with age.

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His hair no longer sweeps his shoulders, but he still has the same ‘come hither’ eyes and chiseled features at 33 that he did when he was just a teen.

Oh – and he also has FIVE CHILDREN; Jordan, River, Viggo, Penelope, and Wilhelmina with his wife, Natalie Anne Bryant. FIVE!

Is it weird that that makes him even more sexy?!

Happy Father’s Day! baby Ezra and Taylor backstage at Carnegie Hall 2003.

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