They’ve only just hopped off the reality TV show wagon and are still dealing with the drama that erupted from that ordeal but it’s already being revealed that Love Island Australia’s Tayla Damir and Grant Crapp could be entering Ex On The Beach in the UK.

The MTV show is based around a group of single men and women hanging out together in a tropical villa as they search for love, very similar to Love Island, but the main difference is that one by one their exes arrive to create some serious tension.

Grant and Tayla have had a public and pretty messy break up since they fell in love and took out the winning title of Love Island Australia. And while all of us over here are trying to work out what the heck is actually going on between these two, because seriously saying that it’s complicated is a major understatement, Grant’s agent Max Markson has been hinting that the Tradie will be appearing on the new show and that of course his ex Tayla would be too.


“I think he’d be a perfect fit for Ex On The Beach, especially since the split,” said Max to Daily Mail Australia. “Maybe Tayla could appear on the show too; he really does miss her.”

Tayla has since come on the Kyle and Jackie O Show to give her side of the story on her break up with Grant when she was asked about the rumours. She told us that they were a flat out lie.

“What about the rumours of going on Ex On The Beach?” asked Jackie.

“Yeah that’s the first I’ve heard of that and that’s not happening,” said Tayla. “That is a definite no from me…That’s just not really my style.”

When exes show up on MTV’s Ex On The Beach, they have the option to clear things up with their former partner and get back together, however Tayla has told us that she has no interest in getting back together with Grant.

“Now I can use this as a learning experience and know my worth and that’s something that I haven’t learnt from other relationships,” said Tayla. “I have forgiven people in the past and that’s so mentally not okay…you get sucked back in…and I don’t want to be in a position like that again.”

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Back in Sydney and ready for this next chapter of my life. Although my post Love Island experience hasn’t gone exactly to plan I am still forever grateful for my time in the villa and wouldn’t change it for the world. I want to thank everyone for respecting my privacy over the last few days while I gathered my emotions and thoughts, and spent quality time with my family and friends. Like every experience in life there will always be both negatives and positives. Instead of dwelling over the negatives from the past few days I am choosing to be strong, empowered and ready to focus on all the positives life has to offer. I have learnt so much from my time in the villa and over the last few weeks. I truly feel as if I have grown as a person and know my entire worth. I am ready for what ever life has in store from this point onwards. 💕 location: @pullmanquaygrand #newchapter #positivevibes

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Tayla and Grant shocked their fans last week when they announced their split after rumours that Grant had had a girlfriend when he entered the Love Island villa surfaced. Tayla told us that from her understanding, Grant had told his Mrs on the outside that he was only going on the show to increase his profile and not to find love.

“I can only tell you what I’ve been told since leaving the villa and the information that I was given was that he did in fact tell the girlfriend that he was going on the show to promote his business and to make a name of himself” she said.

“He told me that. He ended up owning up to it and said, ‘yep I did go on there to promote myself and my business’, and she did know. I think he was with her for about a year.”


Well despite the messiness of this situation we’re glad to see that Tayla is staying strong and just being herself!

As for Grant, we’re sorry bud but we think it’s definitely over this time. Maybe he can go on Married At First Sight’s next season instead? Now THAT would be some good TV.

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