Amy Gordon is 29-years-old.

The dental nurse was a size 22, weighing in at 114kgs, when she was made the butt of a joke at a comedy show last year.

“I was at a comedy show with my mates when the comedian started telling jokes about fat girls and decided to single me out,” She told The Daily Mail.

“Here’s one!” he laughed, pointing at me, sitting in the second row.”

“Suddenly all eyes were on me and the laughter grew louder – my night out had turned into a nightmare.”

“Take no notice. He’s an idiot,” my friend whispered, but I was already starting to cry and the brave face I’d worn for a lifetime finally slipped.”


Amy had always felt comfortable and confident about her weight, even though she had always been “the big one” – all through school and into adulthood.

But that night at the comedy club shattered her self esteem.

“I embarked on a starvation diet – the only way I knew to lose weight – and within a few months I’d gone from 17st (107kgs) to 13st (82kgs), then gained it all back again.

“The ‘diet/binge’ cycle lasted nearly 10 years and left me at 18st (114kgs) – bigger than I’d started and utterly miserable.” 

A lesson than starving is not the way to lose weight.


So she embarked on a Weight Watchers journey.

She overhauled her diet – salads, eggs, fruit, soups – healthy stuff.

She dropped to 57kgs.

“On holiday this year in Tunisia, I wore my first ever bikini – in a size 10 – and, although I still felt a little unsure of myself, Andy told me I looked great.”

“The other day, one of my patients came into the dental surgery and asked, ‘Where’s Amy?’ When I said, ‘That’s me,’ he shook his head. ‘No,the other Amy. The big girl with the dark hair.’ 


“I had to smile, because I’m no longer dark, I’m no longer big and I’m no longer the girl who wears a permanent brave face… but I’m still me.'”



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