You won’t often find cast members from reality TV shows with their social media accounts on private but this is exactly what Natasha Webster from Love Island Australia has been forced to do after people began accusing her of breaking up cast mates Eden and Erin.

Rumours have been spreading that Tash was getting cosy with Eden at his birthday party over the weekend just before the couple announced their split on September 2.

The Love Island co-star has since responded to the comments on her Instagram account before making her page private.

“I am NOT GUILTY of breaking up my two closest friends from the villa,” wrote the 24-year-old. “It has nothing to do with me and to be honest I would have thought they would have done a instagram story or post telling everyone to leave me out of it and call to see if I’m okay.

“I only found out that they had broken up when they posted online, so I was NOT lying when I said they were together.”


The Perth-based reality star claims to have received “death threats” from fans of the couple after she was seen partying with Eden at his 26th birthday celebration in Sydney.

She went on in her post to explain that she had already booked her trip to Sydney when she found out that none of the other Love Island cast mates would be attending the event, including Erin.

“Erin tells me at very short notice her mum is having an operation and is no longer attending the party of going to Sydney. On the day of travel I found out the other girls have bailed,” the post said.

“So I spoke to Erin and she was wanting me to go… “[Eden and I] did not hook up, we are not dating and it is really hurtful that people are accusing me of things I have not done. The timing of them announcing their break up has made it look like I was the one to blame but I can honestly tell you I have absolutely nothing to do with it.”

On Sunday afternoon Eden and Erin, who were the runners up on Australia’s first season of Love Island, announced that they had decided to break up in matching Instagram posts. The pair said that they would remain good friends.


This comes as fellow Love Island cast member Grant Crapp told Kyle and Jackie O exclusively that Eden and Erin’s relationship was never going to work unless they were willing to move to be closer to each other. Eden currently lives in Sydney while Erin is in Melbourne.

Grant also claimed that the pair had been broken up for weeks prior to the announcement and that they only remained together for the fame.

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