Married At First Sight sweethearts Jules and Cam finally married for real over the weekend, and while we haven’t seen much about it just yet, we’re sure about to!

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It’s the Catalina Wine Mixer♥️

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In an A Current Affair special event, the entire process from planning the wedding to the formalities on the day was filmed for us all to be a part of.

The special is due to air tonight from 7pm on Channel Nine and Sylvia Jeffreys, who hosted the special, told Kyle and Jackie O this morning exactly what we can expect to see.

And it turns out, not much happened off camera! Including all of the drama and gossip surrounding the nuptials.

“You’re going to see everything because they’ve taken us along for the entire ride,” Sylvia told us on air this morning. “Not just the wedding day, which was completely spectacular but the whole lead up.


“We were at the hens party, we were there at the bucks party. I was with Jules and her mum and her aunty as she was trying on wedding dresses. We went with Cam to try on his suit.

“But the wedding day itself was so special and it was so them,” Sylvia continued. “This time they got to do it their own way and everything had their own personal Cam and Jules touch to it.”

The real “nawww” moments to look out for during the special according to Sylvia were the vows that the loved up pair had written for each other and the fully choreographed wedding dance that apparently told their love story through movement.

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The big day went down over the weekend at Beta Bar in Sydney’s CBD with some other notable MAFS cast members in attendance.


Sylvia told us that both Cyrell and Nic were present at the wedding and notably they were seated next two each other, despite breaking up before the show finished filming.

“She [Cyrell] was actually seated at the reception next to Nic, which was slightly awks because they were paired up on the show and it didn’t quite work out,” Sylvia told us.

“We asked them all about it so you’ll get their reaction tonight to being seated next to each other. And there were fireworks. There were all sorts of things going on there on Sunday night so it’s quite a show.”

As for all of the gossip and rumours that have been circling Jules and Cam’s wedding plans, Sylvia said that some of this will appear in the hour-and-a-half special tonight, including her fallout with former bridesmaid Mel.

In case you missed it, Mel was on the same season of MAFS and Jules asked her to be one of her bridesmaids. However, this never eventuated due to a supposed falling out.


“There are a few questions around that,” Sylvia told us. “And they will be answered this evening as well.”

When asked whether Jules was actually the “bridezilla” that she was painted out to be in the headlines, Sylvia said this was far from anything she ever saw from the red haired beauty.

“She was nothing but delightful whenever I spent time with her,” she said. “ think we all all know not to believe everything you read in the papers because you’d be living in some kind of fantasy world if you did.

“But what is clear is that this is a couple who is genuinely loved up.”


We really can’t wait to watch it all go down tonight! Especially so we can finally see Jules’ dress!

Let’s hope some gorgeous pics start coming out after the A Current Affair special airs! Hear more from our chat with Sylvia Jeffreys in the video above.

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