Get your hazmat suit and get ready for a few drinks, because the people behind The Wizard’s Cauldron are taking a break from magical mixology to get into the chemistry of Breaking Bad.

Heading our way in February, ‘The Lab’ will see you dressing up like Walter and Jesse, then cooking and mixing drinks to your heart’s content. While you won’t be preparing illicit substances and blowing up rivals, you’ll get to deal with all sorts of alcohols, dry ice, syringes and learning how to do it yourself.

The 90-minute experience will see you guided by a ‘chief chef’, taking you through the boozy science behind their Breaking Bad themed drinks. Tickets will include two drinks, and non-alcoholic drinks will be available if you want.


The dates for ‘The Lab’ haven’t been announced yet but you can expect it soon, likely February in Surry Hills, just in time for the release of Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul’s 5th season on February 24.

You can sign up for details on the event via The Lab’s website.

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