The Britney Spears inspired brunch is back on in Sydney after the lockdown was like… OOPS, I DID IT AGAIN, and messed up our plans.

But here’s a refresher on how great this is going to be.

This Hidden exclusive event is gonna go down in World Square on the 28th November, 2021.

Tickets are $55 a pop and here’s what you get, it’s gonna give you a Britney Spears banger for your buck.

The ‘It’s Britney Bitch’ package includes 1 x mimosa, 1 x burger + fries and the event promises trivia, lip sync battles, dance-offs that’ll have you screaming GIMME GIMME MORE!

Fans can also upgrade to the ‘TOXIC’ package which promises free-flowing mimosas and 1x main burger + fries

Sorry if you’re under the age of 18, you have to be an adult to attend this event because with the sheer amount of mimosas I assume are going to be consumed, it’s gonna be a CIRCUS.

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