Winter is well and truly here Sydney. A cold snap forecast over the weekend is set to bring the coldest temperatures that we’ve experienced so far this year.

The day in question is Sunday with the city and Sydney’s west such as places like Penrith and Liverpool expected to reach only 14 degrees. However, Kim Westcott of Weatherzone has said that it’s likely to feel even colder than this due to heavy winds.

“Even though it’s mostly sunny, we’ve got a big pool of cold air from several cold fronts passing over Victoria and southern NSW,” said Ms Westcott. “The winds will be quite dry at times so it will actually feel a lot colder as well.”

The winds are due to settle in on Friday, with west/north-westerly winds expected to reach 40km/h.

“We’ll see…a little bit of that wind coming through, so over the next few days we’ll notice it’s a little bit more windy than it has been,” continued Ms Westcott.

The freezing weather is good news for those heading to the ski-fields though with the cold snap also expected to bring a generous dusting of snow to the ski resorts.

“For the alpine region, we’ll expect a majority of the snow to fall on Friday and Saturday,” said Ms Westcott. “Until about Tuesday, when it starts to ease off, we can expect snowfall each day so generally about the resorts and maybe slightly lower on Sunday.”


Although Sunday will be the coldest day this year, taking the record from June 5 which saw a top of 15.1 degrees, the brisk weather should start to ease off next week as rain starts to set in.

So get out your winter woolies and get ready to do nothing but sit in front of the heater watching Netflix on Sunday. We reckon a good ol’ Sunday Roast might go down nicely as well. Stay warm everyone!

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