For a while there it felt like the Summer weather would be sticking around Sydney with the insane number of hot days we’ve been experiencing.

But now it looks like we can say goodbye to the sun for a while with the east coast of Australia set to see an absolute drenching over the next couple of days.

Forecasters are expecting a rain bomb to hit parts of NSW with severe thunderstorms and “flash flooding a real threat”.

Sydney itself is expecting to see more than half of the average rainfall predicted for March in one single day with over 60mm predicted for today.

Storms are also predicted to hit parts of Sydney in the afternoon or early evening according to the Bureau of Meteorology.


The wet weather will continue across the weekend so you may want to make plans to stay indoors.

Friday will be cloudy and 24 degrees with an 80% chance of showers and the possibility of 15 to 45mm or rain.

There are tops of 25 degrees expected for Saturday although the rainfall will be significantly less with only 2 to 6mm expected.

Sunday will see tops of 26 degrees with a chance of showers set to bring 2 to 6mm once again.

The rain is set to ease off early next week but that doesn’t mean the sun will reappear anytime soon with cloud cover still expected across Sydney up until Wednesday.

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