Looks like the only place hotter than Sydney today is going to be the fiery depths of hell with temperatures set to absolutely soar in the city and outer regions today.

That’s right, you’re going to want to get the air-conditioner cranking now and stay inside as much as possible because the heatwave that has been sweeping the state since the start of the year is going to reach it’s peak today.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, Sydney is looking to hit a top of 38 degrees in the city and a whopping 41 degrees out in the west with hot and partly cloudy conditions all around.

Meteorologist from BOM Sydney, Rebecca Farr, has said that the current heatwave has been caused by a high pressure system.

“What we have been seeing is a high pressure system over the Tasman Sea and a trough inland drawing warm air from Northern Australia into the state,” she said.

“This pattern has been very consistent and quite stationary over the past month, so we have been seeing very warm temperatures.

“We haven’t had any cool changes come through because the high pressure system is blocking the front from reaching into the State.”


But this is about to change with some relief expected to hit NSW tomorrow and the temperature expected to almost half in some parts of the state.

“We are having a front move through the southern parts of the State…and that is bringing some cooler air behind it,” Farr continued.

Friday in Sydney is expected to be much more pleasant with the forecast out in Penrith set to be almost 20 degrees cooler at around 25 degrees. Sydney is likely to only hit 24 degrees.

But as for today, we’re being warned to take precautions and be prepared for the extreme heat.


The NSW Department of Health recommend that we drink plenty of water and have a plan in place to avoid any health risks.

Those with animals should also be cautious and keep pets inside where possible, provide them with plenty of cold water and never leave them in the car.

Stay cool out there Sydney!

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