Time to start cleaning out your pools and dusting off the sunblock Sydney because according to the latest weather predictions we’re going to absolutely swelter through an intense heatwave this week.

Most Australian capital cities are due to see the temperatures rise throughout this week with Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra likely to hit their first 30 degree day of the season.

Sydney Is Set To Swelter This Week With An Intense Heatwave Set To Bring Temperatures Of Up To 40 Degrees

However here in the NSW capital the mercury is going to be even more intense with some parts of Sydney expected to hit 40 degrees.

Parts of Australia are due to see their hottest days since last Autumn as the heat begins to increase on Wednesday with Sydney due to see temperatures of 27 degrees.


The heat will only continue to climb from here with Friday expected to be a whopping 34 degrees in the city and a possible 40 degrees out in the west.

“It’s a high-pressure system that is forming over the Tasman and Coral sea, and that’s going to combine with a low-pressure trough and wind circulation that will lead to a heatwave,” said Graeme Brittain, a forecaster from Weatherzone.

It’s not only due to be incredibly hot, but winds coming from the seas are expected to lead to increased humidity, making it feel even hotter than it really is.

The night’s won’t bring much respite to the heat with reports that Friday night will have a minimum of 24 degrees, which is as hot as a typical spring day.

Heatwaves and dry conditions expected for spring in sydney

But before you go making plans for the beach over the weekend, it’s being reported that this intense heatwave reportedly won’t last all too long.


A cold front will link with a trough and move over the south-east late on Friday and into Saturday, bringing with it some possible rain and thunderstorms.

“The intense heat will dissipate into the weekend,” continued Mr Brittain.

But we’re sure that after a week of incredibly hot weather we’ll gladly welcome the cooler temperatures over the weekend!

Stay cool out there Sydney!

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