The murky thick smoke that is currently hanging over most of Sydney is leading to deteriorating air quality in several parts of the city.

Some areas are currently up to almost four times above what are considered “hazardous” levels.

And it may be several days before the smoke and haze eventually disappears.

The NSW Government’s Air Quality Index (AQI) shows huge parts of Sydney are currently suffering from hazardous air quality, considered the most extreme.

This is when the index rises above 200.

Rozelle, Lindfield and Liverpool all registerd above 200 while Campbelltown was as high as 626.


The Government states prolonged spells of hazardous air pollution “can affect everyone’s health”.

It’s recommended even people who consider themselves ‘healthy’ should avoid spending too much time on outdoor physical activities.

The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) told a series of hazard reduction burns in the Southern Highlands and Colo Heights in the city’s north west, as well as the largest burn is in Heathcote were responsible for the poor conditions.

“Even those on the outskirts are actually quite large and produce a lot of smoke,” RFS spokesman Chris Garlick said. 

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