Children at a primary school in Sydney’s north have been told not to hand out birthday party invitations over fears that anyone who misses out could become emotionally stressed.

A Department of Education spokesman told Yahoo News Australia that parents should instead send out party invites via email after physical invitations were banned from Mosman Public School.

Parents at the school have voiced their concern over the decision, with one mother telling the Daily Telegraph that trying to overprotect children will affect their development.

“It is going too far, we have to build resilient kids,” she said.

The Department of Education defended the decision, saying that the school is committed to making student wellbeing their “highest priority”.

“At the request of parents, and in consultation with the school community, Mosman Public School has asked that student birthday party invitations are not handed out during school hours due to the distress caused to students seen not to be invited,” a spokesman said.

The rule is believed to have been introduced after one child become upset when they were left out of another child’s birthday celebrations.


This comes after the same school requested parents cut up birthday cakes before sending them in for their child’s birthday to avoid having knives in the classroom.

“Mosman Public School’s parent handbook requests that birthday cakes be cut up before they are brought to school, or given to the canteen to cut up, so there are no knives in the classroom,” the spokesman said.

The rules are implemented by the school itself and not he department specifically.

Do you think birthday party invitations should be banned from primary schools or is it going too far? 

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