You know how parents might sometimes tell their kids that if they wish for something enough, it will one day come true? Well it seems that this has actually worked for one Sydney man who imagined himself winning the lottery before actually securing a winning ticket just weeks later!

A man from Five Dock promised his wife that they would win the Set For Life lottery competition despite the extremely low odds of doing so. He also claims to have had a dream one night about this promise coming true.

Then on Sunday night, despite all of the odds, his dream came true and he and his wife claimed the first prize in the draw. They will now receive $20,000 each month for the next 20 years, bringing their total prize money up to $4.8 MILLION!

“Three weeks ago I had a dream where I won Set for Life,” explained the lucky Sydney man. “Then yesterday when we were sitting on the beach relaxing, I looked at my wife, grabbed her hands and I said to her, ‘we are about to win something, you just wait’.

“After that dream, I just had this overwhelming feeling that we were going to win, and turns out I was right.”

Talk about spooky! But of course in the best way possible!

The man’s wife also confirmed the psychic prediction, saying how strange it was that he had only said to her the day before their win that he could feel something goo heading their way.


“My husband only said yesterday, ‘I am telling you, before I retire next year I will have a win, I feel it’,” she said. As for what the couple will be doing with their winnings, the woman said that they plan to travel overseas, renovate their home and go into early retirement.

“My husband will definitely retire early and I will go part time. Then, we will go to Poland to visit family,” said the man’s wife.

“We are moving to Surfers Paradise in Queensland next year because we bought a property, but it needs a lot of work, so some of it will go towards renovations as well.

“There are a lot of people who need help in this world, so we are definitely going to give a lot to a few different charities and start volunteering.”

The winning numbers in the Set for Life draw 1137 were 22, 37, 18, 31, 27, 3, 12, 16 with the bonus numbers being 8 and 34.

We’ve got to try this psychcic thing out! I’m definitely going to dream about getting a free burger for lunch tomorrow… priorities! 


Source: Yahoo!7

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