When you think of an escort, no doubt your mind flitters to women, not men. However male escorts are big business, as we found out.

This morning Kyle and Jackie O played host to Ryan James, a male escort who has plenty of stories to tell.

He spoke about what he’s asked to do by women, which can range from a one-night event, to a two-week stint, consisting of providing company and a full sexual relationship.

We also asked him what the strangest thing he’s ever been asked to do by a client is. While he said that he politely declines sexual requests from men, he did divulge that there are two things that come to mind.

The first is when men hire him to have sex with their wives or girlfriends with them watching. This is a pretty popular option with his main demographic, in the late thirties-fifties age group.

However, the one that everyone seemed to find the strangest is the fact that girls in their early 20s are hiring him to help them lose their virginity.

The reason being, they don’t want to just pick up a guy in a bar, but they want to lose their virginity.



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