It’s almost over Sydney!

After weeks of campaigning, the federal election is almost here!

And what better way to celebrate (besides the satisfaction of enjoying our democratic right to vote freely!) than by hooking into a sausage sandwich or maybe even some cake when we go to the ballot box.

Rocking up to your local town hall or public school SHOULD see you being tempted by the smell of the smoke from the BBQ or a whaft of sweet goodies from a cake stall.

But what happens if you rock up and there is NOTHING on offer???

Don’t sweat it, the genius folk at Democracy Sausage are at it again, providing a free interactive map of schools, clubs and town halls that have registered with them.

So as well as deciding who you’re voting for, make sure you check and see that when you pop your ballot in the box, you can also settle your rumbling tummy as well!


They are also on Facebook to help make election day that bit more bearable!

Happy voting (and eating!)