The NSW Government’s “toll relief” program could soon provide further compensation to Sydney drivers who pay large amounts of money in tolls with a new pre-election promise.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is promising half price registration for drivers who spend at least $15 a week in tolls, adding up to about $800 a year.

This move comes as an extension of the current rego rebate program that sees motorists receive free registration if they spend $1300 a year in tolls, saving some roughly $500 a year depending on the size of their vehicle.

“We are doing everything we can to ease these burdens,” said Premier Berejiklian.

The extension of the scheme was announced on Monday after people criticised the original plan, saying that not enough people were eligible for the free rego.

This change now makes up to 300,000 motorists across Sydney eligible for a discount.

“So 46,000 people have already got free rego, which is pretty cool. Sorry – probably not a premiership word to use, but it’s pretty cool they’ve saved $20 million already,” said Ms Berejiklian.


“This is great news because it means there’s an extra 160,000 motorists that are eligible for this.”

However, new data has revealed that only a third of the 140,000 drivers currently eligible for the rego compensation have claimed the money so far. The government is now promising that claiming the relief will become easier with these changes.

Families who have multiple tags linked to the same account will also be able to pool their spending together to qualify for the cash back scheme.

The NSW opposition is promising to keep the current Government’s original scheme in place and re-instate the cutback scheme on the M4 if they win the election.

If the Liberal government wins the election in March these additions to the new rego scheme will come into affect in July next year.

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