Sydney really is the greatest city in the world. We’ve got gorgeous beaches, the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and of course it’s home to none other than Kyle and Jackie O every morning. But if there was one thing that we wish we could change about Sydney, it’s the traffic.

There’s nothing worse than heading home from work after a long day in the office only to spend hours in your car crawling along in the bumper to bumper lines of traffic.

Of course, there’s always going to be some traffic no matter which country or city you go to, but with the latest invention heading our way, Sydney may actually be one of the first cities to find a solution to it! And it’s all thanks to the guys at Uber.

It’s called UberAir and it’s just like it sounds. Flying cars that will be able to be ordered by travellers on demand to take them to various locations. And as it turns out Sydney could be one of the first cities in the world to get the revolutionary form of transport!

In order to launch the UberAir transport, Uber will partner with three cities that will help them test out the system and set it up for long term success. Dallas and Los Angeles have already been announced as two of the cities and now Australian politicians and transport officials are in discussions to get Sydney or Melbourne to be named as the third.


Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O, Uber’s Head Of Product And Advanced Programs, Nikhil Goel, said that bringing UberAir to Sydney as early as 2020 is a real possibility.

“We are looking for our next UberAir city, and this technology is very, very real,” said Mr Goel. “We have partnerships with Amber Air, with Boeing, with world leading aviation companies, and we expect to be testing these in Sydney by 2020. Melbourne and Sydney are both in consideration to b that next UberAir city.”

If the UberAir trial is successful, Sydneysiders could be ordering a flying Uber by the year 2023.

So how will it work? Mr Goel said that the vehicles will be self-flying and will use technology developed from NASA to fly safely from various sky-ports. They will run from rechargeable batteries and be able to fit serval passengers in each vehicle.

“These are very, very different vehicles and helicopters, they’re far more efficient, they’re all electric,” said Mr Goel. “The vehicle will mostly fly itself. The technology will be autonomous but we will have a pilot there in case anything goes wrong.”


This sounds like some serious back to the future stuff! And what’s even better, Uber are aiming to make sure it doesn’t cost us an arm and a leg! While they say that it could be expensive at first, overtime it will hopefully become as cheap as ordering your regular UberX ride!

Not only would it be cheap, but it would actually be incredibly efficient and could even help you SAVE money! As we all know, the Sydney real estate market is pretty darn pricey. But with UberAir people would be able to live in more affordable locations and still travel to Sydney for work in a quarter of the time it would take to drive.

“Imagine living in the Central Coast, minutes from the beach, your rent is half the price of Sydney, you can still get to the city in 20 minutes. That’s the future,” explained Mr Goel.

So one day soon we could all be flying to work everyday and getting to miss that dreary peak hour traffic! It’s seriously amazing what we can do with technology these days.


Everything You Need To Know About UberAir

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