When most of us visualise a shark lurking nearby a human in the ocean, we usually imagine a swimmer floating out in the deep blue sea with a shadowy shark circling them from below. We can thank most Hollywood films for that…

One swimmer in Orlando, Florida got the shock of her life when she realised a massive five-metre tiger shark had been lurking closely behind her in the shallows, just metres from the shore! 

Simone, a 34-year-old aspiring German actress, said stunned sunbathers on the beach were frantically waving to her. She didn’t quite click, she thought they were just being friendly. Thankfully they began to shout and sprinted toward the sea yelling. 

The shark was a mere 4 metres away, as she splashed about in the waves. Luckily, Simone jumped out of the ocean. 

A jaw-dropping photo has emerged showing the shark’s fin sticking out of the water, with Simone in the forefront looking completely oblivious.


After seeing the image, Simone said: “I was so terrified I didn’t go back into the sea again for days!”.

TBH, I wouldn’t be going back in for years…

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Main Image: Gen Source: Daily Mail

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