The Best “Get Rich Quick” Story Of 2019 So Far… Will & Woody went from nothing to a 40ft Yacht In 2 Weeks!

It all started on the airwaves two weeks ago, when Will & Woody asked listeners to call the show if they’d received a shitty Xmas gift that they didn’t want. As expected, and akin to the Great Mississippi Floods of 1927, they were inundated with calls. 

Their plan was to choose one of these shitty Xmas presents, and turn it into a yacht. How? By making one trade at a time. And so each day for the next 2 weeks, they made a live trade on air. The journey got more ridiculous with each trade that was made, as they got their hands on a life-size Storm Trooper outfit, a goat named Gary, and much more.

SEE BELOW the path they took the yacht, and WATCH the video to see the hilarity that unfolded throughout the journey. 

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