Deni surprises his wife-to-be Sonja overlooking the Sydney harbour… what she doesn’t realise is the little surprise she gets when they walk back to their car…

It all started with a picnic at Bradley’s Head, Mosman. Sonja and Deni were lapping up the Sydney sunshine when he asked her to go to the lookout point by the water and watch the cruises go by. They had just come from a cruise around the south pacific themselves.

As he whispered in her ear about what a beautiful day it was, Sonja was completely unaware that Deni’s brother, Tony had snuck up behind and was filming what was about to happen.

He then whispered, “isn’t this beautiful”?

To which she responded, “yes it is”

He then said “you know what would be more beautiful”?


To which she said, “what baby”?

“If you would say yes”

With that, Sonja whipped around and smiled at him, completely missing the ring he was holding in his hands.

She said ‘of course!’ and kissed her fiance, before noticing his brother standing there filming the magical moment.

Deni’s brother Tony then said he’d go and get the drinks to celebrate.

Sonja was shaking and in such disbelief that Deni carried her to the top of the hill and was met with another surprise…


It was then she realised that he’d bought her a car! The car she’d wanted so badly for so long!

Then it all clicked into place! The brother who had told her he was going to the gym that morning was actually getting ready to film the proposal of a lifetime and drive her new car to the proposal site!

“I don’t think anything could replace this amazing proposal and I am so proud of my fiancé Deni!”

“I felt like I was in a movie and it was all so surreal. I just could comprehend what was going on and then to be able to drive off in my new car! I felt like I won the lottery.”

“After the proposal and surprises, we went to see all our family members, both parents, siblings & nephews to announce the news and celebrate.


“To top it off, when we arrived in Newport arms where my father and brother were working, the FIREWORKS set off as everyone was celebrating Australia Day long weekend,” she said.

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