Blatant cross-promotion can be pretty cringeworthy… except when it’s a slip-up on a rival network.

Thursday morning on Channel Seven saw Sunrise host David Koch kick off the ‘Cash Cow’ segment, where a viewer of the program is randomly called and must answer within three rings.

The thing is, Channel Nine’s Today show has a similar segment where viewers need to answer the phone by saying ‘I wake up with Today’.

You can see where this is going.

With $30,000 on the line, the live-to-air call from Sunrise was answered in the required three rings, but it was answered with a “I wake up with Today”.

Breakfast show anarchy ensued, mainly with awkward laughter, but Kochie was having none of it, calling the winner a “stupid man” before having to honour the prize.

Check out the video…

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