She is looking stunning at 40 and Samantha Armytage is, according to Maxim, the 12th most beautiful woman in Australia.

However, despite being deemed hotter than Pia Miller and bikini model Natalie Rosa, her Sunrise co-host David ‘Kochie’ Koch insists the blonde co-host was ‘robbed’ in the annual countdown.

‘You were robbed!’ the 60-year-old presenter told his co-host on Tuesday morning’s episode of Sunrise while discussing the list.

Kochie was not happy that his co-star had dropped six places from last year but Maxim’s editor-in-chief Santi Pintado said Our definitive list of Australia’s most beautiful, successful and talented women of the year celebrates the outstanding ladies who have wowed us with their aptitude, intellect, humour, mega-talents, coolness, sexiness and more, in 2016.

He continued: ‘This is a list of the nation’s most beautiful women. And beauty comes in many forms.

‘The requirements for making the Hot 100 varies for each woman on the list and covers many aspects including their career achievements, how they’ve fared in the last 12 months and whether or not our parents would like her. Oh, and they have to be Australian, of course.’

So, we are not sure what Sam has done.. but clearly she isn’t impressing as much!


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