A recent study by Virgin Active has revealed that Britons are set in their ways by the very young age of only 25! 

The research found more than a third (38 per cent) of those aged 25 and over admit they have no desire to try anything new.

16 percent of 25-year-olds have been found to believe their favourite foods, travel destinations, hobbies and even their friendships will remain the same for the rest of their lives.

The research, inspired by the launch of Virgin Active’s new discovery Lab and designed to encourage people to find new ways to be active, also found that not only are people less willing to discover new things as they get older – with nearly half (45 per cent) citing a lack of inspiration as a reason for not seeking out new interests – but many are even giving up hobbies they used to enjoy.

In fact, more than half of women (51 per cent) have stopped doing any form of sport by this stage in their lives. 

Lecturer at Bournemouth University, Dr Samuel Nyman said ‘There is a tendency to laugh at middle-aged men who don Lycra and jump on bikes when they hit 40 but these guys are heroes. They are willing to leave their comfort zones and push themselves to extremes. In the Virgin Active Discovery Lab we will explore new ways to inspire change. Exploration is at the heart of the human psyche especially in us Britons who have a long history of discovery – it’s in our blood. It’s surprising that today so many Britons can’t remember the last time they did something new.’

Source: DailyMail



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