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It’s the age old attraction, almost every woman goes through a phase of wanting a man who is masculine, strong, and let’s face it, a bit of a bad boy.

Now, a study has taken place to explore the truth, and the science behind that. Researchers at Jagiellonian University Medical College in Poland recruited 2,369 female and 215 male study participants with an average age of 25 years old. The study involved showing the participants photos of tattooed and non-tattooed men, and being asked to rate them on areas of health, attractiveness, masculinity, dominance, aggression, potential for being a good partner and potential for being a good father.

So what did the women in the study think of the tattooed men? Overall, they rated them as equally attractive as the non-tattooed men and interestingly, healthier.

Also interestingly, they rated the tattooed men as more masculine, dominant and aggressive but thought the tattooed men would be worse potential partners and fathers. 

According to the men in the study, who were heterosexual just like the women, the tattooed guys were rated as more attractive, but not more or less healthy than non-tattooed guys. They agreed that they appeared more masculine, dominant and aggressive, but having a tattoo didn’t affect the ratings for the partner and parental domains from another man’s perspective.

Since the male participants in the study were straight, the researchers concluded that the participating men in the study found tattoos on guys attractive based on what they thought women would want, therefore, a societal stereotype. They also took their ratings to be indicative of how they perceived the tattooed men in the photos as rivals for suitable partners.


Based on these findings, it would appear tattoos on a man have an equal or greater effect on fellow males than they do on women, and that women may prefer masculine tattooed men only for short-term relationships, but are looking for someone more stable when it comes to settling down.

What do you think, are you a fan of tatted guys, or not?

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