Studio 10 presenter Sarah Harris has revealed that her hair is ‘brushing out in clumps’ since giving birth to her son Paul.

The Sydney-based journalists took to Instagram to share her postpartum woes on Sunday, eight months after she welcomed her baby.

The 34-year-old shared a photo of her hairbrush and a cluster of loose hair alongside the caption ‘post baby hair shedding in full swing’.

It’s now brushing out in clumps. Boo!

A photo posted by Sarah Harris 📺 (@whatsarahsnapped) on

The post has received over 300 likes and 50 comments, many from other mothers who are going through the same thing.

‘They forget to tell you that part of having a baby,’ one woman said.

Others reassured the first-time mother the hair loss would not last.


‘Very normal, especially after the 1st pregnancy. I thought I was going to be bald. But it all came back thick as ever,’ one woman wrote.

Sarah decided to take matters into her hands by visiting a salon, saying ‘’’Well that’s my hair loss sorted,’ she wrote. ‘Ta ta two and a half inches.’

The caption was accompanied by a selfie of her new, shorter, hairstyle.

Well that’s my hair loss sorted… 👶🏻💇🏻😜 Ta ta two and a half inches!

A photo posted by Sarah Harris 📺 (@whatsarahsnapped) on

According to Baby Centre, all mothers will lose some hair after giving birth.

Due to changing hormones during pregnancy, your hair will enter a ‘resting phase’’ that sees you shed less and less each day.


But all good things must come to and end and about 12 weeks after birth, once hormones are more under control, you enter a shedding phase that can see you lose 500 hairs a day, as opposed to the standard 100.

Luckily this phase will pass in about six months, and while hair might be falling out in clumps, you certainly won’t go bald.

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