A teacher pulled off one of the funniest and complex proposal to his girlfriend/colleague.

Johnathon Holt and Iris Howorth, both 25, teach High School in Louisiana, so naturally he decided to get almost the entire school involved in his intricate plan!

“I knew it was going to be a special moment — the beginning of an epic life together — and I wanted to involve as many people as possible because the more people that can share that feeling, the more powerful it is,” he told Buzzfeed. 

Holt organised for the principal to pull Ms Howorth out of class for a fake meeting, while Holt quickly briefed the class on their part in the plan.

They set up the hidden camera, and gave each of the students a lolly ring-pop to “fake propose”.

“I asked who the class clown was,” Holt said. “They all pointed to a kid in the back. I said, ‘OK, you — you need to propose to Ms. Howorth with your ring pop when the time is right. Then everyone else follow suit — make it natural.’”


While the class was tricking Ms Howorth, Holt was organising the school marching band to play a song.

After the kids did their part, and Ms Howorth was very confused – Holts walks in and popped the question.

OF COURSE she said yes! They walked down the hall as the band played while other students released balloons.

You gotta love a happy ending!

H/T Buzzfeed

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