In order to save money on rent, college students in the Netherlands have traded in the student dorm life to live in nursing homes instead. 

While the concept may seem foreign and strange to begin with, it’s actually genius. 

The Residential and Care Centre Humanitas in eastern Netherlands offered six students housing free of charge, in exchange for 30 hours of volunteer work per month. 

This way, students are saving up to $410 per month on rent according to the Atlantic. 

This genius idea arose from a shortage of 9,000 student rooms in Amsterdam last year, making housing hard to find. 

Now, some lucky students don’t have to pay for living space and Humanitas doesn’t have to pay students for their work. 

The CEO of Humanitas said “I have some young people in the house, which makes Humanitas the warmest and nicest home in which everybody who needs care would want to live.” 


21yo Jurrien Mentik is one of the students living in humanitas and he tweets about his experiences living there, including the birthday celebrations! 


Source: Cosmopolitan 

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