The photo above has gone viral and when you hear the story behind it, you’ll understand why. 

21-year-old student Godfrey Coutto, was on the bus home after working a shift at a burrito restaurant when a man approached him, wanting to shake his hand. 

Godfrey initially thought he was being pranked as the man, Robert, went on to hug Godfrey and kiss his hands. 

However Godfrey quickly caught on and realised Robert had cerebral palsy. 

Speaking to Global News, Godfrey said “Sometimes you just have to be selfless and put someone’s needs above yours.”

The image was posted to the ‘Only in Hamilton‘ Facebook page and has since received over 44,000 views. 

“This was my first time encountering such a thing. I was obviously freaked out but I tried to understand his position … I thought, you know what, I’m just going to allow it. I’ll let him do his thing. I’ll comfort him.” 


Godfrey is being praised for his actions all over social media. 


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