This morning, Kyle and Jackie O caught up with Sophie Monk and winner Stu, in a radio exclusive.

The loved-up pair sat down to talk about their time together in the last two months, since filming of the Bachelorette ended.

There were so many questions for the pair, one of which came from a caller, who wanted to know if Sophie had met his kids yet, and if not, when she would.

‘No not yet, this is our first day walking out the house, like really, so we haven’t met anyone’s family yet,’ Sophie jumped in.


’Have you spoken about it?’ the caller asked.

‘Yeah I think down the track, yeah…’ Sophie replied.

‘It’s certainly on the cards, Sylvana.’

‘What about babies with Sophie, new ones?’ Kyle asked.

‘Yeah I’d like to,’ Stu replied.

‘Didn’t you get your penis cut off or something?’ Kyle pointed out.


‘He had a vasectomy!’ Jackie corrected him.

‘It can be reversed, I’ve also got some in the bank… I’ve been to the bank several times, it’s not a bad experience, actually,’ Stu reassured the guys.

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