A new compact stroller has hit the market, and broken a Guinness World Record as well!

The GB Pockit, it the world’s most compact stroller, weighing just over four kilograms and measuring 12″x14″x7″ when compacted.

It’s small enough to fit under a plane seat, or even in your handbag!

it will be available for sale in 2016, and has an anticipated value of US$229.

“As long as parents have had to use strollers to transport their children, they have had an issue with things being too bulky, too heavy, hard to fold, really hard to make portable,” Jen Johnson, GB’s director of marketing communication, tells Mashable.

“So, our inspiration was to allow parents to travel anywhere with their children and have this easy, lightweight product.”

The stroller can be folded in two different ways — the ultra-compact version, which broke the Guinness World Record, or the method meant for everyday use.


The only difference between the two folds is that the super compact fold requires the wheels of the stroller to be turned inwards.

We expect this will be a win for parents everywhere!

H/T Mashable

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