Is it normal to be jealous of a newborn baby? Looks like it is when they’re a Kardashian/Jenner because we’ve just caught a glimpse into Kylie Jenner’s daughter’s lifestyle and we’re turning seriously green with envy.

Taking to her Instagram story, Kylie took fans inside 5-month-old Stormi Webster’s wardrobe to display her ginormous designer shoe collection worth, wait for it, $28,650!!!

Yep when it comes to the Kar-Jenners, no expense is too much for their lavish lifestyle. And despite the fact that little Stormi is only just big enough to start wearing shoes, the little girl already owns more shoes than we could ever dream of having in our whole lifetime.

The Sun has reported that the glamorous collection includes multiple pairs of Nike Air Force 1’s valued at $68 each, a custom pair of Giuseppe Zanotti’s worth $1340, $355 Gucci flats and a multi-coloured pair of Louis Vuitton sneakers.

In the short video, Kylie can be heard saying that her daughter Stormi can finally fit into some of the shoes that were purchased for her buy her father, Travis Scott.

“Her dad gave her loads of vintage shoes so I’m about to see if she likes shoes. Too cute,” she said.


But it’s not just her daughter that’s being utterly spoiled by the luxurious lifestyle that comes with being a mega reality star and make-up mogul. Kylie also shared a video of the mansion that she had built for her dogs.

The house, which is beige-coloured and the size of a child’s cubby house will soon be home to her seven dogs.

“You guys, my doghouse is almost done,” said Kylie in the video. “How cute! It’s gonna be air-conditioned, and [have] a heater…It’s like a guesthouse.”

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Kylie’s new doghouse 7/3/18

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Okay now add Kylie Jenner’s dogs to the list of people that we’re currently jealous of. So that’s now seven pups and one 5-month old baby. Meanwhile, we’re about to go splurge and buy an extra-large coffee! Happy Thursday…

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