A window in London has sparked outrage on social media. 

Why? The size of the mannequins legs. 

Mashable reports that twitter users have been expressing their anger towards Oasis for promoting an unhealthy body image. 

On Tuesday, Rhiannon L Crosslet shared a photo on twitter that was taken by her friend Katherine Baker. 

The photo was captioned “This is disgusting, damaging and irresponsible. Not to mention really weird.” 


Twitter users around the world expressed their agreement with Rhiannon: 

@imy_85 said In what world does anyone think this a) looks good b) is responsible? 

@cmgregory said Awful and irresponsible! 

@ihavefallenprey said this is pretty darn shocking. I ,# Oasis. Please sort this out!!

According to HuffPost UK Style, an Oasis spokesperson said the mannequins are not meant to symbolise real people. “Measuring over 6 feet in height and without distinct facial features, our store mannequins are highly stylised to represent an artistic prop and are in no way any attempt to accurately portray try-to-live proportions” the spokesperson said. 


Topshop also received criticism back in July for their thin mannequins resulting in them to change them. 

Source: Cosmopolitan

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