American burger titan ‘Carl’s Jr’ is coming to Sydney and if you weren’t already worried about your Christmas weight then you’ve got another thing coming.

Carl’s Jr is no stranger to Australia, they had a very successful launch in the central coast in 2016, so much so they expanded to Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.

Just when us Sydney-siders thought we’d been forgotten about, Mr Carl Jr announced the first Sydney venue is opening in Wetherill Park!

Are you familiar with Carl’s Jr? Think T H I C K and A M E R I C A N.

Thickburgers, onion rings, chicken nuggets that are SHAPED LIKE STARS, delicious milkshakes.

It’s all starting in Wetherill Park but the brand plans to expand into metro Sydney and regional NSW!

They have huge plans to have over 100 stores nationally over the next 10 years, but many American franchises have tried and failed so let’s see if that happens.


The first store will be at Greenway Centre in Wetherill Park, next door to Maccas ironically.

There’s no date just yet but it’s all going to go down in 2021!

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