Hands up who still has their festy festival wristbands on from last summer?

Well please put your hands back down and get yourself to the nearest pair of scissors; you are cultivating your very own bacterial breeding ground and it could be seriously affecting your health.

Dr Nick, a scientist over at triple j, did some pretty impressive looking tests on a couple of gross AF wristbands – including one that someone had been wearing since 2009, whyyyy?! – and found upwards of 600 MILLION bacteria hanging out.

The most worrying find was golden staph, a grotty germ that can cause wound infections, boils, impetigo and food poisoning.



“The numbers are so high, I would advise against doing this and wearing them for years and years and years,” Dr Nick said.

“Cut it off and put it in a scrapbook or something!”

Else you might be bringing home more from that festival than ringing ears and an empty goon bag. 

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