Only Lying prank calls have got to be one of the funniest segments in Kyle and Jackie O History but they’re certainly not easy to pull off!

Participants have to tell someone an insane lie, convince them to believe it and then try and get an over the top reaction out of them. If you manage to do all of this successfully, you walk away with $1000 and the satisfaction that you created some hilarious radio.

Today, this person was Hayden who managed to convince his step mum that he’d taken a prank video of her, posted it online and now someone wants to create a web documentary about her.

Now this might not sound like the worst thing to have to tell someone and you might think that it wouldn’t generate the biggest reaction in the world, but according to Hayden his step mum has a real potty mouth and was guaranteed to flip her lid!


And flip her lid she did! Want a little snippet? When Hayden told her some people would be following her around all day to film this web series, this is what she said to him.

“You are an inconsiderate little f*cking prick! It’s all about f*cking Hayden isn’t it! It’s about you! It’s all about you getting f*cking attention! Well come home and I’m going to give you som f*cking attention.”

Yep that’s one fiery lady! In fact, Jackie said that she could seriously take on Angry Dad for the most fired up parent EVER!

Hear the entire ‘Only Lying’ prank call in the video above!

If you have an idea for an ‘Only Lying’ and want to win $1000 call us on 13 1065!!

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