Temperatures across NSW are expected to be high and dry today with our first total fire ban Now in place for 2019.

NSW Rural Fire Service has declared a statewide total fire ban with hot, dry and windy conditions predicted that could result in bushfires and dust storms.

The fire ban covers all NSW Local Government Areas with most of Sydney, including the city and east, forecast to reach a top of 37 today.

Things are expected to get even hotter out in our west with a whopping 40 degrees predicted for some areas. 

These temperatures paired with strong winds have elevated the fire risk across the state.


Dry winds in the state’s drought-affected west could also bring dust storms out towards the east.

Relief from the heatwave won’t come until about midnight when a cool change moves up the South Coast and reaches the city.

Under a total fire ban, no fires may be lit in the open and all fire permits are suspended.

The NSW Rural Fire Service have advised residents to remain vigilant and know what your Bush Fire Survival Plan. Their advice is that leaving early in the day under extreme fire conditions is the safest option.


To keep up to date with information from the NSW RFS listen to local news and monitor www.rfs.nsw.gov.au.

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