Oh dear.

Former US Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe suffered an epic wardrobe malfunction at the Emmy’s yesterday.

The star shared a snap on Twitter of her dress which had ripped  ‘right down to mid crack’ which meant her butt was on show to the crowd.


“Sitting in the Emmys and my zipper just busted and my butt is exposed and I can’t get up and I dunno what to do,” Kaitlyn tweeted.


She then explained that she was in the wrong seat and “people are asking me to move”.

At first,  she was able to convince her seatmates to stay, but then she got moved on by the ushers!

“They came and got us and moved us closer to the front,” she said.

“So I had to get up and waddle down in front of everyone, towards the front with my hands clasping my dress.”

To make matter worse, the malfunction happened when the Television Academy honoured the ‘First Lady of TV’ Betty White.


“I either stood for Betty White and showed my ass, or stayed seated and looked like an ass,” she tweeted.

What a nightmare!

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