None of Richie, Alex or Nikki are in these photos… but do they hold a vital clue in who wins The Bachelor tonight? 

Photos have surfaced of The Bachelor van being packed up to leave Bali after the Finale wrapped up and some sharp-eyed viewers have noticed something with the luggage. 

The Nike bag that Richie has been spotted with at the airport and the very identifiable bright green suitcase of Alex’s are both in the van… 

While some were quick to dismiss this spotting, the real kicker comes when it was announced that Richie didn’t leave Bali for three days after the finale was filmed.

No doubt spending some much-anticipated ‘alone time’ with his chosen missus.


But the runner up allegedly left the island shortly after the finale. 

Hmm… The Bachelor producers have been so careful about the final reveal last year after the slip up with last year’s Bachelorette.

But could this have been their undoing?

Or are they just trying to divert our attention and throw us off the scent? 

Tonight will reveal all!

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