If you’re a die hard Bachelor fan, you no doubt have your theories about who wins Richie’s heart.

I know I do.

So it must be pretty heartbreaking to see photos of one of the lucky ladies snuggled up to another guy – unless of course you’re more a fan of hers, than of Richie’s.

Photos have emerged of Olena Khamula cuddling up to handsome tennis player, 28-year-old Nick Lindahl during a beach outing in Sans Souci on Sunday.

Nick couldn’t seem to keep his hands off the Ukrainian beauty, wrapping his arms around her hips as she cuddled up him.


The PDA didn’t stop even after the pair got out of the water, with Nick gently stroking Olena’s back with his hand.

It was revealed earlier this week that Olena had been spending time with the ex-tennis pro, who was convicted of match fixing earlier this year.

Speaking of their relationship, she told The Daily Telegraph they are ‘just friends’, adding that Nick is her younger sister Julia’s tennis coach.

‘He’s been training (my sister) since a very young age, and he’s been coming over to my place for dinner every single day for about three years now.


We’re like brother and sister, we’re super close,’ Olena said. Yeah… apparently so. Sorry Bachie fans, but I think it’s more than fans…

Source: Daily Mail

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