If you’re a fan of The Hills, no doubt you were GEARING UP for the 10-year reunion special.

Surprisingly, Lauren Conrad came back to kick things off, but fans were left a little disappointed when they realised it was more of a look at what Lauren is doing now, than a 10-year reunion.

Spencer Pratt took the opportunity to steal some of the spotlight from Lauren, taking to Snapchat to trash her, and bring up the “$4,000-a-month publicist” she hires to ‘get her press’.

Looks like you’re helping her out with that, Spence.

Amid trashing her and ranting to camera, Spencer also took the opportunity to film himself taking a large bunch of pills and swallowing them with water.

He also filmed himself on television, referring to himself as ‘The Prince of Malibu’ and agreeing with statements he’d made years ago.


So, as we expected, Spencer Pratt hasn’t got himself any help.

Source: Daily Mail

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