Hindsight is certainly not a fun thing sometimes… And Sophie Monk knows this all too well!

Sophie joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning as we celebrated out big ‘YOU GET A HOLIDAY’ day when she told us some inside info about her movie career.

And it turns out that Sophie actually turned down a MASSIVE role for a role that turned out to be, well, not so massive.

It all came about during Jackie’s O News when we were talking about JLo’s new movie all about the world of strippers called Hustlers.

Sophie told us that she has had some experience in this world when she had to learn how to use a stripper pole for a horror movie that she filmed, The Hills Run Red.

“I had to do it for a movie,” Sophie told us, before explaining the pretty horrific plot to this horror film.

“That’s the one where, remember I said I chose a movie where I make out with my dad, had a baby with my dad and then ended up with my son. It was a great storyline,” she joked.


“I honestly thought I’d win an Oscar on that.”

Not only was the plot kinda iffy with all the incest, but Sophie had to film it in Bulgaria for a couple of months which she told us wasn’t too glamorous either.

But turns out, she only took this role after turning down a role in another movie that went pretty MASSSIVE!


“And what was the movie that you passed on to do that one?” Jackie asked.

“Oh no one will know it,” she joked. “It was called The Hangover.”

NO WAY! How disappointed would you be after realising just how massive The Hangover went!

Yep, you know the stripper whose baby the boys find in their hotel room and who Stu eventually falls in love with? Yeah well Heather Graham eventually played this role. But this could’ve been our very own Sophie Monk!

“It was Heather Graham, this chick that played the role,” Sophie explained. “Anyway my agent called me and he goes, ‘I’ve got two movies for you. The Hangover and The Hills Run Red’.

“And I read the script for The Hangover and it’s like, they’ve locked a tiger in the bathroom, there’s a random baby there and I’m a stripper and I’m trying not to get typecast and so I was like, ‘Nup you know what, this has got meat this film, The Hills Run Red’.”


And so she chose to do this film that (sorry Soph) none of us had ever heard of, instead of one of the funniest movies that we all know and love!

It’s safe to say Jackie thought it was HILARIOUS! Hear more about Sophie’s movie choice blunder in the video above!

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