This morning, we decided it was high time we got Sophie Monk on the show to sort through all the rumours and give us all the answers we’re looking for.

When we spoke to her, we realised she was with Stu, which was a pretty good start.

Kyle and Jackie O had a list of questions ready for her, starting off with the photos taken before they went on The Project, where Sophie looked like she was looking at Stu through gritted teeth.

‘That’s just my face, we were probably bitching about somebody else to be honest!’ she said.


’We haven’t seen any photos of you being affectionate, are they out there and just choosing not to print them?’ Jackie asked.

‘Well they have to be, because we are very affectionate with each other when the cameras aren’t around. He’s got kids as well, we’re not going to be all over each other. I think that’s more of a young thing.’

Stu then added his two cents.

‘You guys have got most of Australia as your audience, so I can apologise. I’ve got four daughters, they come first to me. I’m not going to be ‘out and proud’, I’ve got four daughters, so I’m sorry, I’m not going to be a public display of affection guy.’

‘I’ve never been that guy, Sophie could make me that guy, don’t get me wrong – but I have four daughters, I’m sorry…

‘And these body language experts… I’m so sceptical.’


And when asked the straight out question, ‘Have you broken up?’

Sophie answered simply, ‘No, we have not broken up!’

That’s good enough for us.

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